About Sloka International School

TS EVENTS (Telugu Sanskruthi)

Telugu Sanskruthi, An Essence of Appearance is a Hyderabad based entity which provides great opportunity for women in order to showcase our traditional values through their appearance, grooming, confidence, self-reliance, and discipline with impeccable precision, style, and grace. Our mission is to create a platform to showcase your talents and skills to the public and our goal is to support and encourage Women Empowerment.

This event includes not only a traditional fashion show, but with full on entertainment and fun filled programs such as comedy, music, dance performances, etc.., we take pride in our work by providing an excellent and tremendous opportunity for women to empower their skills. Therefore, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

We strive to create events that dazzle, delight, and wow in every possible way for a family. We hope to serve the best and make sure the special day memorable for all our guests and contestants in the grand event. Enjoy yourself to the best and we will take care of the rest.